Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about anthroposophy/ Rudolf Steiner/ biodynamic agriculture

Only recently I was looking for information on the websites of the Christian Community in Frankfurt, and stumbled across their FAQ. The FAQ of the Christian Community takes a stand with simple and clear words on realistic questions, i.e. questions that people can actually have (sometimes I have the impression with FAQs that they are not questions from people, but a tool from the marketing department). I liked that a lot.

Now we want to develop an individual FAQ. Looking deeper, I realised that it does not make sense to create a generalised FAQ, one that fits everyone. I have noticed that even within anthroposophists there are different views on one and the same topic. Anthroposophists are individuals, and the term "anthroposophist" alone does not really say much about what knowledge and beliefs are present in the individual being.

In other words, we cannot really be satisfied with an "off the peg" FAQ. We will see for ourselves what the current fundamental questions of the zeitgeist are.

Let us collect, move and answer interesting questions together so that a FAQ can emerge in lively movement and encounter. From the perspective of, and our focus is on a FAQ for general anthroposophical questions and also questions around the topic of biodynamic agriculture.

Contact us via the Contact form if you would like to contribute here. Or share your input here below in the comments section so that your concerns can be included in the "general catalogue" (caution: public). You can provide questions and answer variations. Let's start with relatively broad questions. Too specific technical questions would not be helpful at the beginning.

We are looking forward to what is about to develop.

Many greetings,

Frankfurt am Main, 11 September 2022

2 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions (FAQ) über die Anthroposophie/ Rudolf Steiner/ biodynamische Landwirtschaft”

    1. Dear Claudia, great question. Do you already have an idea how to answer the question? There is certainly a wide range of possible answers... LG François

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