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"When nothing works, the only thing that helps is prayer..." - that's what they say, isn't it? But why could praying help and what actually happens - are forces actually set in motion, and how can we imagine that? And what happens inside me when I pray? What do I feel? Is the heart involved or just the head? And how can I deal with it without it having a touch of embarrassment?

These are current questions that interest me. I think it is both a journey into the inner self, where one looks step by step, feeling and groping, to see what feels true. But it could also bring about a very constructive development in social interaction if one looks at prayer in the sense of community building. In this context, I find Rudolf Steiner's saying very beautiful, Friendship:

What is happening here,
through love, through friendship, through intimate understanding,
these are building blocks,
who build temples up there in the spiritual region,
and it must be for the people this certainty permeates,
be an uplifting feeling to know that,
when ties are already twined here from soul to soul,
which is the basis of an eternal becoming.

From my point of view, the game is open as to how we will deal with the topic of "praying" in the future on There is no ready-made plan. It is supposed to be alive. Let's see what suggestions there will be.

François, 18 December 2021

2 thoughts on “mein Gebet”

  1. Hello everyone!
    On the subject of prayer and praying.

    A person once said to me
    "one has as well tranquillity, order, as one establishes tranquillity, order for oneself".

    May I use the hand of a practical replicable
    point something out?
    - This can be seen quite vividly,
    what happens approximately - in the soul -
    through prayer, devotion, meditation, in silence, order.

    All the best!
    Ortwin-Michael Versümer

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