Anthrowiki is the world’s most comprehensive online resource on anthroposophy. It all started with Dr Wolfgang Peter wanting to organise his notes for self-study and for his speaking activities in a coherent way. Many of his lectures were related to his directorship of the independent Anthroposophical Society in Vienna 1913. Finally Wolfgang made „his“ wiki open to the public. With a minimum of about 5,000 visits per day, it has become the standard reference source for knowledge-based research on anthroposophical subjects in the field of spiritual science.

Dank seiner ca. 14.000 Artikel, die Wolfgang weitestgehend selber geschrieben hat, stellt das einen Ort dar, wo Interessierte zu unzähligen Fragen effizient

Thanks to its roughly 14,000 articles, almost all written by Wolfgang himself, the is a place where everyone may find high quality and accurate articles on many questions. Unfortunately, the exists mainly in German at the moment. However, Wolfgang has started translating it into English, and there are at least over 1,200 in English:

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