Can we create a healthy economy?

I was fascinated by the topic of money from a young age on, because it allowed me to fulfill many of my small and big dreams!

But there was also a mysterious, disturbing picture at that time which burnt itself into my mind: Men shoveling tons of wheat grains into the sea! Much later I found out that they did so in order to tackle its market price decline.

Later at school I learned of The Experiment of Wörgl, also known as the (money-) miracle of Wörgl. Helmut Creutz displayed the numerous negative aspects linked to money (i.e. exploitation of labor, destruction of nature, gap between rich and poor, and more) to me in his book Das Geldsyndrom (The Money Syndrome). Later, I began to understand that even wars were (and are) waged to secure markets for products or to obtain raw materials cheaply.

So we are undoubtedly facing many and big problems related to economic and financial issues.

But how many of you believe, as I do, that we can actually solve these problems? I mean in realistic ways which would start at a small scale. I deliberately exclude from this any time consuming, theoretical political solutions.

Doing business – our economic life – is a social activity. Ideas, thoughts and perceptions play a decisive role in how we judge and give directions to this activity.

But what do YOU think about the economy? What ideas, thoughts and conceptions do you have?

Ideas become real when they are supported by many people. That said, we could bring about a different way of doing business if only many enough of us shared the same ideas.

How great it would be, if hopeful social impulses would emerge from our Anthro.World community!

Kyoto, February 5, 2022

How to approach?

Let me just try by throwing out the following questions:

Who among you is interested in a healthier way of doing business?

Where do YOU see the problems?

How could these problems be solved?

You can use the comment function (↓↓↓) or send an email to me: Our newsletter is also recommended to get in touch. As needed and possible, I will also organize online meetings in Jitsi with or without live-stream on YouTube.

About me

My name is Oliver Brändli and I studied pharmaceutical sciences and worked for several years as an employee in pharmaceutical dispensaries and the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland and Japan. In 2007 I moved over to Japan where I now live. My heart topic could be called „money and economy“, because I have been studying it for a very long time. Meanwhile, I arrived at expanding the topic to society as a whole and epistemology.

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