How do we want and how should we deal with money at Anthro.World? This is a question we have been dealing with since the beginning, but to which we do not yet have a conclusive answer.

From the perspective of the Threefolding, our actions are mainly to be categorized under the so-called „Free Life of the Mind“. Unlike the economic life, however, the Free Life of the Mind does not produce goods or products. Therefore, Wolfgang’s lectures naturally cannot have a price. He does not „produce“ the lectures, otherwise they would probably not be so vibrant and touching. And whoever feels touched and deeply nurtured by the contents can donate directly to Wolfgang.

On the other hand, according to the pure science of the threefolding, all the organizing around it, e.g. know-how, planning, video technology, editing, design, etc., is more characterized by the idea of „creating products“. From people who invest work, so that the contents of the Free Spiritual Life can reach you at home in the first place. Where exactly the dividing line runs, can never be put completely sharply. Moderation and reason are required. Prospectively, we shall find a reasonable approach to financial compensation so that we can afford to do this work in the future as well.

In short: A direct donation to Anthro.World is not availabe at the moment. If you want to do something with your money, it is well placed with Wolfgang: Donation to Dr. Wolfgang Peter.

François, 13. Dezember 2021

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