How can Rudolf Steiner's concerns be recognised and communicated in today's world?

Encounter and interest in the nature of the other person (according to the motto: "Who are you?)" is more important to us than imparting knowledge. We take innovative paths in a playful way so that you can recognise connections within yourself and around you. Connections that make up your being and factors that influence your being.

A core part of what we do is to offer support to enter into an experience. For this we offer Group work for the side exercises, the online reading circles, exercises for the Living thinking, and the weekly lectures by Wolfgang Peter. Everything is freely accessible and should be understood as an invitation to get to know anthroposophy in its versatility and vitality.

Du kannst dem Gründer und Betreiber der Enzyklopädie (also known under, Dr Wolfgang Peter, with a regular donation This creates planning security.

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