Meeting spaces

We want to create a place here where you can get in touch with us directly and without complications. For questions and exchange of ideas. For this purpose we are setting up a kind of online consultation where you can drop in. We look forward to meeting you!

For feedback, please use the comment function below or send us an email to .

These meeting spaces partly take place in public, i.e. we partly record them and stream them live on YouTube. For conversations that seem valuable to us, we would also like to have the freedom to publish parts of them separately. If you have problems with this publicity, just contact us in advance. Maybe we can find a solution.

The next opportunities:

TopicEconomy and money. Also threefolding.
OrganisationOliver Brändli. Partly also with Francois and Wolfgang.
Date: Every Thursday
Time: 2 to 3 p.m. (CET)

We also use this meeting space to Current issues of the present to discuss. A playful exercise in this regard is what a political programme could look like that would incorporate the insights of tripartism. More here...

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