Exploring new paths in anthroposophy

We outline several ways so that you can benefit from the deepest understanding of Anthroposophy to create your self-determined life.

We work here with guides and teachers in such a way that the essence of Anthroposophy can be experienced in a perceptive way.

We explore the question of how “ lively thinking“ and „heart“ can be stimulated without dogma. It is not about accumulating factual knowledge.

Our target audience is …. we don’t have a target audience! We create content in a way that is personal to us and that we feel is coherent. What we can determine from feedback is that people of different ages/ backgrounds feel attracted. People who were born inside an anthroposophical environment, and also people who have only recently embarked on the journey of discovery.

We develop our formats as needed and respond to new impulses. If you have a request for a new format or project, or if you would like to get involved with existing formats, please contact us here: info (at) anthro.world.

Also feel free to use the comment section, so your ideas can be shared with other people. As the comment section appears in search engines, feel free to use synonyms for your name.

François, 13. Dezember 2021

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