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„When nothing else works, the only thing that helps is praying…“ – that’s what people say, isn’t it? But why could praying help and what actually happens – are forces actually set in motion, and how can you think about it? And what happens in me when I pray? What do I feel? Is the heart involved or only the mind? And how can I approach my prayer without feeling a touch ashamed with it?

These are matters of concern to me at the moment. I think it is both a journey into the inner space, where one can sense and explore, step by step, what feels right. But it could also effect a very constructive progression in social community, if you look at praying in the sense of community building. In this context, I find Rudolf Steiner’s saying, Friendship, quite beautiful:

Das, was hier geschieht,
durch Liebe, durch Freundschaft, inniges Einander-Verstehen,
das sind Bausteine,
die da oben in der geistigen Region Tempel bauen,
und es muss für die Menschen, die diese Gewissheit durchdringt,
ein erhebendes Gefühl sein, zu wissen, dass,
wenn sich hier schon von Seele zu Seele Bande schlingen,
das die Grundlage ist eines ewigen Werdens.

The things happening here,
through love, through friendship, through understanding one another,
these are building stones,
that build temples up there in the region of the spirit,
and it must be an uplifting feeling for the people who are infused with this certainty..,
an elevating feeling, to know that,
if here already bands form from soul to soul,
that it is the basis of an everlasting development.

From my point of view, the issue of how we will approach the topic of “ praying“ in the future is completely open. There is no ready-made plan. After all, it is supposed to be living. Let’s see what inspiration there will be.

François, 18. Dezember 2021

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