The essential exercises & more

On the cover of the hardback edition from Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 6th edition 2019, it says under the heading „Six steps to self-education“. And I am currently considering the question: „How does the idea of SELF EDUCATION sound in today’s times? Does it even sound appropriate today? Does it sound right? Does it sound rigorous? Everyone can find the answer for himself.

I feel the same way – when I look at the content of the exercises, I find the whole thing brilliant. Because you get very concrete instructions for a manageable number of exercises, some of which have a ridiculously simple degree of difficulty at first glance. And what’s brilliant is that you can improve your so-called soft skills in the areas of mind control, willpower and the emotional sphere – simply put. But, I admit it honestly, the easy exercises are the ones where failure hurts the most. Just think of the 2nd side exercise, where you have to perform a certain simple action once a day – nothing easier than that? …fiddlesticks.

Now we already have 1 series completed over a period of close to 6 months. In October 2021 the 2nd series has started. This time not in public, and nothing will be recorded – it just did not happen. In the 2nd series, there are 5 small groups, which take place from Sundays to Thursdays at 18h CET each. In addition, there is a special date on the first Friday of the month at 18h, where Wolfgang also participates, and it can be dealt with small cross-group questions (similar to a supervision).

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