26th Lecture on the Apocalypse of John (Documentation)

By Dr Wolfgang Peter

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Date of the lecture: 13 October 2020


Author: M.L.

Excerpt repetition from the last lecture on the topic of 7 trombones.

5th trumpet: caesura, because something new will come.

From the 7th main age of earth evolution there will be no more physical bodies. The astral world will follow.

Inspiration belongs to the age of the 7 trumpets. Before that comes the Age of the 7 Seals, which belongs to Imagination.

The same authority that Christ received from His Father is in our I.

Since the dawn of the modern age, 1413, we have a new consciousness.

The first trumpets announce the preparation for dramatic experiences (Chapter 9: The fifth angel announces:
"A star falling from heaven to earth. He has been given the key to the bottomless pit."

The number 144,000 stands for those people who no longer need to incarnate.

The locusts with human faces represent beings from the adversary realm. They are human beings with a weak ego in relation to the adversary. And the swarms of locusts mean people who have no I in them. We should develop an awareness of our own I and also of all the people we meet. That is the important consciousness soul development today.

1843-1844 marks the beginning of the 6th trumpet, which lasted until the end of the 20th century. During this time there were more and more ego-less people on earth. These people need help from those people who have strongly developed their ego.

The consciousness soul offers two possibilities: either outward or spiritual. We have freedom through our inner soul space.

In the future, even ego-less people will be ahrimanic in important positions.
It is our task to redeem the ahrimanic realm, to transform it out of love, to free Ahriman from his task. Ahriman wants to serve people, but this is not good for people.

In his Faust, Goethe has Mephisto speak of "long-legged cicadas", meaning the locusts from the Apocalypse.

The 19th century saw the beginning of the age of economic growth. Technically physical things were produced by machines.
Rubbish dumps are cheap sources of raw materials. Substances like gold or iron do not consume themselves. The economy will continue to grow and solar energy will be used. Nuclear fusion is becoming dangerous and detrimental to the earth.

The earth and the sun will one day unite again. The question is whether we will be spiritually ready by then. The "Old Moon" will become the cosmos of wisdom.

The 21st century confronts us with great challenges that should have already taken place in the 20th century.
(2 world wars). After the Second World War there was a lot of materialism. With 2000 (1998 = 3 x 666) came the influence of the adversaries, a strong change happened. Upwards also opened the possibility to develop spiritually upwards, but we have to want this ourselves.
Cultivated areas are to be worked biodynamically. We may have in our consciousness how strongly we are connected to the fate of the earth.

The masses of capital are in very few hands. The gap between rich and poor is widening.
The flow of capital from the spiritual is important. The living in nature should be promoted.
It happens to many people in today's Western culture that the spiritual of the dead sits on the living. The soulish of a deceased person, which does not dissolve, can settle in a living person. Such an occupation always affects those people who have not strongly developed their ego. A characteristic feature of this is that spiritual things are accessed in an old way on the part of a weak ego. To liberate this "spiritual vampirism", an intuitive faculty of knowledge is needed. One can also develop strong powers of love.
Nurture the social from one ego to another ego. Ego shells have to be broken through and spiritualised.
In human encounters we should discover the I in the other person, recognise the individuality of the other. From every person whom we help in humility, we receive something or learn something.

At the end of the earth's development we can be connected with many (all?) people. We are only on the way to humanity when all human beings are in a community of destiny. Christ, the great Humanity-I, must work in this. With the words "I want it, I must do it", the I begins to develop. Through strokes of fate, people find the I, they realise in freedom: "I am the one who creates himself", my will is penetrated. (Comedy by Johann Nestroy "Judith and Holofernes"). It is about consciously taking fate into our own hands, even if it causes pain. We should consciously seek out suffering.

Christ is the Lord of Karma. Let our ego consciously work off our karmic sins. That is the way to the future.

6th Trumpet
"...The heads of the horses were like the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire and smoke and the vapour of sulphur." (translation by Emil Bock).
We may try to experience these images - 10, 20 or 30 times - without wanting to understand them. There are healing powers in them. I connect with these threats and I transform them.

Rudolf Steiner had to slip into the "skin of the dragon", that is, transform the ahrimanic dragon from within.
We can build up images in our imagination with our consciousness and ask ourselves the question, what mood of soul am I experiencing? Then leave out the outer image and only hold on to the mood and transform it into a lighter mood. In this way we make the dark brighter. You can do this for years. It gives strength to the spiritual and we help not only ourselves but also our angelic beings and our fellow human beings. We can develop our own powers with which we can help others.

We are the cause that there are "fallen angels". The decision about this will be made on the new Venus.

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