35th Lecture on the Apocalypse of John (Documentation)

By Dr Wolfgang Peter

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Date of the lecture: 15 December 2020


Author: M.L.

The astral body breaks down during the day (ego-conditioned). At night, in sleep, the human being can rebuild the astral body with the help of building forces (= soul forces) which he can bring in.

This is connected with the free decision of the human being. An attack on human freedom can be made by black magic. It is the most evil thing that can happen to us humans. Black magic begins where spiritual things are deliberately destroyed!

Through Woodrow Wilson (speech 1918, 14 points) a strict suppression of minorities was demanded; they were restricted in their freedom.

It was a matter of the common good, in which the individual is submerged.

Compulsory vaccination is a deprivation of freedom and worse than the virus itself.

The free development of each individual is important. It is about freedom. The freedom of the individual must not be touched.
Arguments with moral principles come from the negative side.

Every night we are soul-connected with the entire cosmos. Our "I" goes into a realm that is still beyond space and time. We can develop our consciousness to recognise what is going on in the starry sky.

A special constellation, i.e. a great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn - similar to the birth of Solomon Jesus - will take place on 21.12.2020. It will possibly be visible in the south-west from 16h.
We may lift this constellation into our consciousness.

Jupiter = Spirits of Wisdom - Consciousness Soul

Saturn = thrones, near God, supporting forces of the material world.

Culture began with agriculture.

If we take in astral spiritual things every night, this strengthens our etheric body.

The inner soul of nature lives in every human being. These are forces that refresh the etheric body.

Reference to Goethe's poem "However" dedicated to the physicist.

Life is movement. A constant transformation takes place. Creating formations in the soul leads to imaginations.

It is very important for our present time to bring living elements and imagination into our educational life.
Comprehending a picture in its development.

The Latin language encouraged thinking in rigid forms, which was harmful. This is most prevalent in medicine.

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