51st Lecture on the Apocalypse of John (Documentation)

By Dr Wolfgang Peter

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Date of the lecture: 6 April 2021


From fellow listener M. L.

Raphael is related to the mercurial principle (healing powers).

In the centre the I (point of orientation) as a staff and on the left and on the right respectively two serpents rising up, one light and one dark serpent.

Ahrimanic beings are on the primal angel level (higher than archangels): Azure beings. Man can redeem them with the help of the CHRIST.

Urkosmos was called "old Saturn" by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. This is not to be imagined spatially, but merely temporally.

AHURA MAZDA: Sun god or creator god of the Persians, also called Ormuz.

Music can express more imaginatively than language. "Soul panorama".
Soul experience: What does the music trigger in me?
Through music we reach the imaginative.

In the apocalypse we are now at the point where it is a question of working on the soul-etheric so that it becomes astral.

Apocalypse means unveiling.

When we read in the Apocalypse, it is not about understanding everything, it is much more important: to become APOCALYPTIANS ourselves.

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