52. lecture on the Apocalypse of John (documentation)

By Dr Wolfgang Peter

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Date of the lecture: 13 April 2021


From fellow listener M. L.

The etheric and physical of the earth will fall away.

The astral earth (it shall become our work) is at the beginning of Genesis. Thus we create the "new man".

The 14th chapter of the Apocalypse is very important! "The Eternal Gospel and the Harvest of the Earth" (page 655, the New Testament
in the translation by Emil Bock).

We can/must redeem the adversaries!!! With CHRIST's help!

Sorat corresponds to the rank of the "Elohim".

LOVE : Passing on life force (soul warmth) to the world, to humanity to nature.

It is about the creation of new soul-astral forces.

We must develop imagination (i.e. living thinking), with LOVE.

Dissolve the negative and take in the new, positive!

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