62nd Lecture on the Apocalypse of John (Documentation)

By Dr Wolfgang Peter

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Summaries (2)

From fellow listener A. H.

The climax is the St. John's Day in the 12th week.

 Flying out into the world with the soul, with consciousness, and feeling at one with the spiritual beings in the warmth of the world, in the light of the world, and in it feeling one's own I, the encounter with the spiritual outer world. In our I lies the same creative power that has brought forth everything.

 We need this power to fulfil our core task, to work on the actual astral. The astral prepares the new future, the new Jerusalem, in a smaller sense already the next cultural epoch.

 In our consciousness-soul age we already have new spiritual influences, but also a great deal of old. The future is what we create new from the free, creative I with more and more consciousness. This is important for artists and science. Science must learn to make the leap from reality (what has become) to reality (what is effective).

 For example, when a doctor helps a patient to overcome illness, this is not done with forces from the past, but with forces that are not yet reality, but which are reality.

 It is not a matter of preserving the earth as it was, but of creating the future with new forces, of reworking the whole earth. We are challenged and must muster these forces, then we will develop together with the earth. The adversaries are working on the disintegration of the earth, we must develop the counter-forces so that this disintegration does not happen so quickly. The earth still has to live until we human beings have fully developed our spiritual ego consciousness. The ego has nothing to do with the real Free Ego.

 That is what the apocalypse is about: learning to recognise our real I forces and the Christ power that lives in them.

 So far we have only been able to transform the astral out of the power of our I, and in doing so we are working on the great astral body of the earth. Where we are now in the Apocalypse, the transition from the physical-etheric earth to the astral must be found. This describes the outpouring of the bowls of wrath.

 We need the power of anger, of rebelliousness, we need to defy the old gods, to oppose the spiritual that comes in from outside. We have to get the new power from another source, from the ego. The new divine is the Christ power that works in the ego.
 This great change, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, came with the Mystery of Golgotha.

 The Elohim, the creative angels, are replaced in their creative task by the spirits of the personality (primal angels, Archai). These are now the bearers of cosmic intelligence and make it available to human beings. Where we think from the power of our I, cosmic wisdom flows in, which is not, however, intellectual thinking.  We seize the Cosmic Wisdom in an individual way and make it active for the transformation of our Self and of the Earth. The Cosmic Wisdom thinks in an individual way in each individual. It is the task of each individual and of humanity as a whole to change the astral sphere of the Earth in such a way that a future can emerge from it, otherwise it would be something dying. Would fall into the realm of the adversaries, the beast; the number 666 in Hebrew means Sorat, the strongest adversary force that has been working against us since the Mystery of Golgotha. Sorat has arisen apart from our entire cosmic chain of development.

 Until the middle of the earth's development, Sorat went along because the development was fed and determined by a divine source. Then came the impulse with the I, with freedom.  Every single, individual human I is to become the source of creative power. Man can create something higher.

 This is perceived as heretical by the Church. But the Church also emphasises: there is a secret place in the soul where man is one with God, where there is no distinction between the will of God and man. R.St. calls it the hidden sanctuary of the soul, that is where the I, the core lives, that is the new source of creation. That is the new.

 If the human being does not take over this task, then it falls back into the old state and only this old state is known to Sorat. But it is not to be like that any more. With the Christ event came the great cut. The Elohim handed over the creative power to the Spirits of Personality to help man. The cosmic intelligence is the whole potential to set the new free creation on its way. No central source determines the creation, but it flows out of the human I. Sorat is the main opponent of this development. It does not want to and cannot cooperate with us.  Sorat means man in the sense, man of the past not of the future.

 The letters Sorat stand for the 4 limbs of the human being. S= physical body, O= etheric body, R= astral body, T = I, impact of the spirit (55.47)

 We do not need the astral body of the future to be calm, peaceful, but we need rebellion, then the Christ power is effective.

 2014 Address of Pope Francis: "...man may have everything but the personal relationship with Christ... Salvation is to be found only in the bosom of the Church...". This is the old principle, the old impulse of the creative spirits. Strong power in the opposite direction

 With the saying of the Elohim: Let there be light, Christ began to work. In Moses, the "I am" moves into the people's I. Later, it must move into each individual I.

 Two Jesus boys were born. The I of the Solomon Jesus boy (priestly line) changed into the Nathan Jesus boy. Only in this Jesus figure could this I unite with the Christ in the Jordanian baptism. The Christ became one with humanity, down to the crystalline (bones) of the human being.

 In the crystal-forming element are the I forces.  A cosmic I power makes it into the earth element, which did not exist before. The I forces make the minerals. We have the task of transforming the mineral of the earth, the quality of the minerals, with our ego.

 Ice flowers: Etheric forces are involved in the formation of crystals.

 The earth should become crystal: 75 % of the earth's crust are quartz, rock crystal.

 Descartes: "Cogito ergo sum": "I think, therefore I am".
 Augustine: "Si fallor, sum": "I err, therefore I am".

 It is the privilege of man to be able to err, freedom only where error is possible. Failure, doubt are part of it, so that our I can be active and is not determined by forces from the past, church, school, education. The I must recognise the truth out of the free I. Transforming the reality that has become into a reality that has a future.  Working means doing, thinking must flow into doing. Thought has long since become an effective force that changes the soul's earth, the soul's cosmos.

 When it comes so far, we will create the ideal I-shape of the earth and the beginning of the new Jerusalem (cube-shape) as the final goal. Cube is the ideal crystalline body, representative of the spiritual existence on earth. The ego forces of the people who participate are the salt of the earth. Christ: "You are the salt of the earth".

 In the worst case this development will be cut off, but this is unlikely, only 1 human being would suffice. The number 144 000 are the people spoken of, which describes a quality, the number 4, the square cube, the 4th cosmic stage of development.

 Sorat works against this. Sorat means the human being with his 4 members of being. But not in the way it was intended by Creation, but He wants to have a human being, a good fulfiller, a servant.

 We have received the I-power, the potential, from the Elohim, but it only becomes effective when we become active by working on our astral body. Not only purification, eliminating the negative and imposing it on others, but performing a free deed out of free will. Our free deed is the deed of the Christ, which can only be effective in free human beings. Future development can only come from freedom.

 But if we do not want that, then it goes the way of Sorat, who wants to continue the old way. He promises powerful domination to everyone. The temptation is great and thus the path for black magic.

 Black magic means: renouncing the free ego in order to gain a powerful spiritual ego that wants to rule over others. Power in self-interest.

 Sorat means alternative human being: freedom is given up, love is extinguished. Hierarchies of power and subjugation, the lowest are extinguished.

 Many people need to wake up and realise what is the healthy way and what is the unhealthy way.

 The apocalypse should contribute to this.

 Every creatively free act from the ego is at the same time an act of the Christ.
 We must learn to deal with ever stronger astral forces, not only to tame them, but to dissolve them and create something new. For this, the mission of anger is important.

 Anger is a strong astral force in the sentient soul, often arising where there is injustice. Children and adolescents have strong sentiments, the sentient soul must first be developed. At around 21, a person only becomes fully awake.

 The ego attains power over the soul, i.e. power over oneself, not over others.

 Only during Earth evolution were certain negative powers created in the astral, through much suffering and bloody wars in the past, which did not exist at earlier planetary stages of development. But this was and still is necessary for the path to freedom. What is important, however, is that we make an effort. Message of Faust: "Whoever strives...". We decide about the future.

 R. St.: "In every human being there is the potential for the worst deeds".

 The approach to the great powers must be prepared, we must become aware of which powers we have at our disposal and how dangerous they can become if they are not subject to the guidance of the free ego. No one can rule over our I, not even Sorat, unless we sacrifice it to him.

 Wrath bowls are unrestrained astral forces (desires, sensual forces) that are not directed by the free ego. When these astral forces go the way of the free I, they are the power of love.

 Text from the 15th chapter: The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb
 Moses carries I impulse into the people and is the representative of the people.

 Meaning of music: It is the power that orders the astral. Every soul sounds and in the sounding together of all souls a great cosmic symphony is created.

 Word Not: n = pushing away the old, denying it. I: to create it anew in the I and to bring it into the world as a spiritual impact. In the Word Not is the abridged version of the apocalypse

 The true I must feel connected to all humanity. The atrocities have arisen out of idealism/egoism.

 The people who belong to the 144,000 have also taken it upon themselves to ally with the adversaries and to go with the dark side for a certain time. The new initiates, i.e. everyone who acts with his free I, come from the Cain current.

 Temple legend:
 The temple is an image for the human shell in which the holy of holies, the "I am", moves in.

 The Holy of Holies in the temple is the Ark of the Covenant with the Tablets of the Law of Moses. These commandments now become commandments that man gives himself, by moral intuition. Christ did not come to abolish the laws, but to complete them, i.e. every man must give them to himself. This is the meaning of: The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb.

 Meaning Crystal sea mixed with fire:

 Brazen sea is a large bowl supported by 12 pillars (= circle of animals), in it should represent an image of the surging sea cast in ore. Sea is a symbol for the astral forces and must be controlled by the I.

 In the temple legend, King Solomon summons the master builder Hiram to transform the spiritual image into an earthly building. The temple is to be the model after which man is to develop.

 R. St. On the Goetheanum: "The building becomes man".  This idea is in Solomon's temple, musical proportions are behind it.

 Master builder Hiram comes from the Cain current, he has learned to deal with the forces on earth. The last step to his initiation was still missing.

 He is reborn as Lazarus and initiated by Christ. During his initiation, the resurrected Lazarus comes into close contact with the powers of John the Baptist, who has already died.

 Today, it is part of the development of the I to have a very specific spiritual relationship with a dead person who gives impulses from the other side and thus a relationship from I to I develops. Through this connection one has a foretaste of a perfected human being who has developed all 7 members of his being.

 Lazarus takes the name John the Evangelist and is the author of the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse.

 The brazen sea is from the past, the crystal sea is the newly created, which must be mixed with fire (I).

From fellow listener B. G.

Verse of the week: "The splendour of the world's beauty forces me to release the powers of the gods from the depths of my soul's own life for the flight of the world, to leave myself, trusting only to seek myself in the light of the world and the warmth of the world". In our I lies the same creative power that has brought forth all that is outside. Our core task is to work on our astral body from our free creative I. This prepares the future, the new Jerusalem and the next cultural epoch. This prepares the future, the New Jerusalem and the next cultural epoch. We live in a rich cultural heritage from the past, we have some new things in the age of consciousness, but still a lot of old things from the past. That sustains us, but it is not the future. The future is what comes out of the free creative ME. With more and more awareness of it. Science will have to learn to make the leap, from reality to reality. Reality is what has become, but reality, that which works, on a small as well as on a large scale, on a small scale, for example, a doctor who helps a person to overcome his illness, cannot do so with the forces from the past, cannot do so with what has become, but must count on the forces that are not yet real but are working. The earth should be able to grow towards the New Jerusalem. It is not a question of preserving the earth as it was in the past. We must recognise the effective forces and work with them. The future of the earth is ultimately in our hands. We have to rework the whole earth. Only we can give the earth the forces it needs. They will not come the old way. The way creation came into being, the way is running out. The path leads only to decay. The earth must and should live so long that we can complete our spiritual development. Have full I-consciousness. No ego-consciousness. I want. I like. I need. This has nothing to do with free I. The apocalypse is about getting to know our I powers. To feel that in all of this lives the power of the Christ, which amplifies all that comes from our impulses so that it can encompass the whole world. We can only transmute the astral to a certain degree. To the extent that we do this in our astral body, we work with the great astral body of the earth.

Man is the AnthroposThis means that we also turn against the spiritual that comes in from outside, because we have to get it from another source, from the I. We have to defy the old gods. We have to defy the old gods. Like Prometheus. The new divine is the Christ-power, the power that works in the ME. That is the great turnaround. This is the great step that happened with the turn from the Old Testament to the New Testament. With the Mystery of Golgotha, the turnaround began. The Elohim are replaced in their creative activity by the spirits of personality, the primal angels, the Archai. Around 333 A.D. the Spirits of Personality took over the task of creating the world. The Spirits of Personality are today the actual bearers of cosmic intelligence. Angels, archangels, primal angels = spirits of personality. They make the cosmic intelligence available to human beings. The Archangel Michael is the great mediator in this. Michael is the administrator of the cosmic intelligence. Wherever we think from the power of the I, this cosmic wisdom flows in. This is not our little mind thinking, but in our individual way taking hold of this cosmic intelligence and making it active for the transformation of ourselves and the earth. Something is coming in into our individuality that would not come in if left outside. It has to pass through the eye of the needle of our ego. Only as humanity can we muster enough strength to change the astral sphere of this earth in such a way that it leads into a future, otherwise it would be something dying. Everything that is not renewed by us through the I-power, through which the cosmic intelligence flows through and is individualised, it would fall to the realm of the adversaries, to the being 666 (Hebrew: Sorat), the number of the beast, which is actually a number of man, the power that has been working towards since the Mystery of Golgotha, a future of man as it was intended for him. Sorat has been connected with us for a long time, a being that exists apart from the 7 cosmic states of development ("before" Old Saturn), until the middle of the earth's development, Golgotha took place a little after the middle, until then Sorat could say, the development also fits for me, because it was fed by a divine source that determines everything, but in the impulse of the I, there is the impulse of freedom inside, every single human I is to become the source of the divine creative power, in an individualised way, i.e. the human I helps to determine what happens, the human being is not a recipient of orders who follows the divine command, but who can become something higher through his or her individual contribution, the divinity can then only achieve this through the human being, this is seen as "heresy" in many creeds, because many mystics have already spoken of this in earlier times, Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler, who just missed the condemnation of heresy, from the point of view of the Church, they said there is the Secret Place in the soul of man, where man is one with God, in every man a little spark, the hidden sanctuary of the soul, that is the new source of creation, many sources of creation, but when the I gives up wanting to play this role, then it falls back into an old state, but the being Sorat only knows this old state.

The Elohim have relinquished their dominion as Creator Gods, they thereby ascend in the direction of Spirits of Movement, the Spirits of Personality take over this task and help man to realise this task. The divine creative power and the cosmic intelligence, in which the potential lies within to set the new free creation on its way, this begins with the development of the earth and will become stronger and stronger in the next cosmic embodiments of the earth, less and less of what comes from a central source, and more and more of what comes from the human ITS. Thus a new creation is coming into being. Sorat is the main opponent of this development. Sorat has already got his I apart from the development chain, he had become a human being before our development chain existed, getting an I means becoming a spiritual being, all beings who have an I are closely related to human beings, therefore Sorat would be predestined to work together with us, but he does not want to and cannot do that, therefore he does the opposite. Sorat is the translation of the number 666 into Hebrew letters, according to its meaning it means human being. But not the man of the future. The letters of the term Sorat stand for the 4 limbs of the human being, physis (S), etheric body (O), astral body (R = astral driving forces, lotus flowers are also called wheels, something rotating, moving, chakras = wheels in Sanskrit), ME. Developing the spirit self means leading negative astral forces into nothingness, i.e. destroying them, dissolving them, and creating new ones that have the potential to be world-creative. Because we are working on the astral of the earth (in the dimension of the planetary system). We are at the transition to the outpouring of the bowls of wrath.

Then the macrocosmic ME has become effective in my microcosmic ME. This is the huge task. Rebellion, turning away from the creator gods, is therefore part of man's path. That's not what the churches like to hear. In 2014, a speech by the Pope in St. Peter's Square with the core statement that man may have everything, but not a personal relationship with Christ. Salvation can only lie in finding this relationship in the bosom of the Catholic Church. It alone is capable of providing this impulse. As a spiritual power, the institution of the Church pulls very strongly in the direction against human freedom. This is essentially also the case in the other confessions. It can be the same in Islam, if it is taken as it was given. Everyone can individually make something different out of it. The moment the Elohim say let there be light and there was light, the Christ begins to work through their community. This was only little spoken of in the OT, it begins where Moses comes into play. Encounter in the burning bush with Yahweh, who is the forerunner of the Christ. Who was I talking to? "I am who I am" I am the I-being. This refers to the I-power that was still entering into the people's I of the Hebrews at the time of Moses, because it was not yet possible in an individual way. But it has to be replaced by the fact that it goes into the individual I. Moses was an Egyptian initiate. Moses, who lived in the Egyptian epoch, was given the task of preparing that later in the Greek-Latin epoch, the time in which the birth of the boy Jesus falls, at the turn of time, the I of Solomon changes into the body of the Nathanian boy Jesus, Only when this one Jesus figure was there, could this I of the Christ gradually unite with the baptism of the Jordan, the process lasts until death at Glogatha, it is accomplished, the complete incarnation, the becoming one of the Christ with the human being, into the bone element, into the crystalline of the bone, Crystals of lime, apatite, change of teeth and maturity for school, the I-forces are now in the crystal, it is the I-forces that make the minerals, a crystal that forms, forms out of a life process, in the finished crystal this life process comes to a standstill, but it is the perfect image of this process, ice crystals are also crystals, they are mineral, fleeting and transient, ice flowers, because it forms plant-like structures, etheric forces are active in the formation of the crystal, they die in the finished crystal, earth crust: 75 % quartz, rock crystal, silicon, oxygen (SiO2), 75% the solid earth, in the earth's core it looks different, there is Michaelic iron in there, or Martian iron, but hopefully it will be something Michaelic. Earth's mantle = SiO2, rock crystal, the silicon is in the computer chips, Augustine: "Sefalor, ergo sum", "I am wrong, therefore I am", Decartes: "Cogito ergo sum", "I think, therefore I am", Steiner says: I think therefore I am not, because in normal thinking we only have a reflection of our real I, in intellectual thinking we do not yet find it, if we find our real I, then it will already be true somewhere, it is the privilege of the human being to be able to err, in overcoming error we come to where we belong, we make the errors in order to then be able to overcome them, This is a challenge, so that our real I can become active, and not forces that determine us from the past, education, school, church, but to come to the moment, to no longer believe anything, but to say: I want to know! That is the only place where certainty comes. Science will also have to go there. Science is very good at making mistakes. Theories are designed, used for decades or centuries, and when they are no longer valid then thrown overboard, that is the virtue of NAWI, has acknowledged, we are flawed, but we hope to get closer to the truth. But we will only really be out of the truth when realisation comes out of the I by shaping the future, it is not a matter of recognising a past reality but creating a new reality. Transforming the reality that has become into the future reality. Acting = doing. That thinking becomes doing. Real thinking is ready doing. Thought becomes effective power that changes the soul cosmos. By the thought being thought. This is all connected with developing the spirit self. When it comes to that, we will bring together the ideal I-form of the earth. That is the final goal of the earth and the beginning of the next development, the New Jerusalem, which comes to us in the form of a cube. The cube is the ideal crystalline body. Regular, the representative of the spiritual earth existence, of the I-forces that are connected with the earth. The people who develop this are the salt of the earth. "You are the salt of the earth"Christ says to his disciples. You are the ones who go forward out of the I-power to transform the earth into what it is to become. Only when this happens in sufficient measure can there be a New Jerusalem, the next cosmic or planetary stage of development of the earth. Every human being contributes something to this. That is the 144,000 (as a quality). The 4-number stands for the square of the cube and we are not by chance in the 4th cosmic stage of development of the earth.

The being Sorat works against this. The term Sorat is related to the human being's elements of being. S = physical/mineral, O = etheric body, R = astral body, T = impact of the spirit, the I, the I-power, which strikes into the densest mineral element (bones, earth). Sorat means human being with 4 limbs. Only differently than it is meant by the regular creator spirits. Sorat wants the well-behaved fulfiller of the one creative source from which he hopes to become. In order for us to be able to develop freedom from the I, something is added, we have received the I-power from the Elohim as a spark, the Elohim have sacrificed it, it has only become really active since the Christ-impulse. What happens when the I becomes active? Through what does the I develop further? It is only a potential, it only becomes reality when we also activate the I-power. We have to learn that. We learn it by working on our astral. Work in such a way that it is not just a purification, an elimination of negative things, and in truth impose them on the earth and on our fellow human beings, as R. Steiner describes it in the 5th Gospel, where the one Jesus of Nazareth, the Nathanian Jesus into whom the I of Solomon has moved, comes to the Essenes, sees their spiritual potential there, but experiences with clear-sightedness that the spiritual waste from which they free themselves is imposed on the environment. This shakes him so deeply that he comes to his mother and is so lifted out of himself that he then goes to the Jordan and it becomes possible that instead of the I of the Solomonic Jesus, the Christ-I can begin to incarnate in the body of the Nathanian Jesus. A process that begins with the baptism in the Jordan and ends on the cross with the Mystery of Golgotha. Something big is happening there. On a small scale, it is a matter of our understanding this as human beings. We know that with our I, the Christ-I always accompanies us. Our deed is the deed of the Christ. Every deed that happens out of the free will of man is a deed of the Christ. Only a free act can be an act of the Christ. He can only be effective through the man-ICH. He can amplify so that what we cannot yet transform can be transformed. We cannot transform anything worth mentioning in the etheric body, only to some extent. With the physical body, almost nothing is possible, only very little, even the Father-power is involved, which works with the Christ. The Christ also has it at his disposal, and thus we also have it at our disposal. However, the powers only work when the human being wants it of his own free will. The Godhead has decided to allow spiritual beings that can become the starting point of a new creation out of freedom. The smallest spiritual being, that is us, begins to give direction. The hierarchies serve so that it can be implemented. We can work in the astral, but not yet really in the etheric and physical. But if we don't want it, it goes the way of Sorat. The number of the animal is a human being's number. Every human being who wants to go on the old way. "You will be a mighty ruler in my world," Sorat promises. In this way, what was not possible otherwise in ancient times is taken in a perverted direction. God never ruled, the hierarchies voluntarily opened themselves to the forces and implemented them. It will be different with Sorat. Those who are at the bottom are unlucky. They are only ruled more. You can only get there through black magic. Black magic means renouncing the free I, but gaining a powerful I that can rule over others. Sorat stands for the alternative human being, where love is extinguished in favour of power and subjugation. In a hierarchical way. All the way down, the people there are practically wiped out. That is the danger we face as humanity. But the 144,000 will exist, in terms of quality, so there will be something that leads into the future. For this, as many human ISAs as possible must wake up in time for the healthy path. For this, the Apocalypse of John is to help reveal this task. The unveiling of the essence of the human I. Every deed that really comes from the I, not from the ego, is a deed of the Christ. Beginning with the astral body.

For this we must learn in the future to deal with ever stronger astral forces. To become masters of them. Dissolve into nothingness, create anew. The mission of anger. Anger is a strong astral force. It flares up as anger in the sentient soul. A serene person will not easily fall into anger. In the sentient soul, the dominion of the I over the astral forces is still relatively weak. What is around me does not suit me, I reject it. I want to destroy it. At first it is only a feeling of self. The I only shines in slightly and can express itself through the strong forces of anger. A child can be angry because it experiences an injustice. Vandalism. But it can also be a real impulse from the I that grips the feeling soul and cannot articulate itself in any other way than this should now go away. There is no place for a human I here, hence destruction. Only - it should happen on a spiritual path of development, the negative soul impulses must be transformed. But to get there, to recognise that I have to consciously transform my astral, that is something a young person often cannot do. Today it often begins at the age of 17 or 18 that the sentient soul awakens in young people. At that time, however, the I is at most conscious in its self-awareness, not yet really awakened. How many people have become aware of their real I? Many only talk about the ego. Ego AG. Motto: Make sure you get what you deserve. That is ego. Gaining power in the I means gaining power over oneself. I.e. power over one's soul. These are the kings of the future. Not those who rule over others, but those who rule over themselves, over their own astral. Then one understands that the task here on earth is to develop oneself. To conquer myself. The history of mankind was a very bloody one, it was all necessary in the past, it created much suffering, suffering that did not exist in earlier embodiments of the earth, certain negative forces were only created in the astral during the development of the earth, they did not exist before. The astral = star wisdom that moves the whole cosmos. It is cosmic wisdom that guides it. We humans have managed to ruin much of it. That has also been allowed to happen. Because on the way to freedom we have to make these mistakes in order to become aware of our ME. "Sifalor, ergo sum!" (Augustine). "I am mad, therefore I am!". That is the way of man. Try as we might, we will make all the mistakes that one can make. The important thing is to strive. Faust: "He who always strives, we can redeem." We must be able to cope with the strongest astral forces, as they are also in anger. Approach slowly! Steiner: In every human being there is the potential for the worst deeds that one can imagine. The approach to the great forces should be prepared. In the consciousness-soul age we should be aware of how dangerous these forces can become if they are not subject to the guidance of the free I, but other forces, the adversaries, gain dominion over them. They cannot rule over our I. Sorat can only make us sacrifice our I out of freedom and exchange it for some power. Sorat can make his kingdom very palatable to us. There are many temptations. He has much to offer that most people today consider desirable. Power in self-interest, not in the interest of the whole world. That is black magic. Using spiritual powers for self-interest. It appears to us as anger bowls when they are unrestrained astral forces that are not really directed from the ME. The forces of anger emerge from the human being. Desire forces, sensual forces, these are the most powerful astral forces. If they are not guided by the free I, if they are not transformed by the free I, then they have a high destructive potential. When bowls of wrath are poured out, it only means that the forces that are in the human being break open. If it goes the way of the free I, then it is the power of love, if not it has a destructive effect. The power to connect with everything and to contribute to the great whole, each out of his own impulse. Whether it is anger or the love of God depends on us.

15th and 16th chapters of the Apocalypse. In the 15th chapter it is basically prepared. Then in the 16th chapter come 7 plagues that show a path of development: Titled: The Song of Moses and The Song of the Lamb. Moses is the preliminary stage who hears from Yahweh: "I am who I am!" Who carries the I-impulse into the Hebrew Israelite people as the people-I. Moses is the representative/speaker of this people-ICH. It can only work after the Mystery of Golgotha, when the Christ has incarnated on earth and made the greatest sacrifice imaginable. The divine sacrifices itself in order to go through death and to go through all the experiences that lead to this, and to do so with the highest intensity. Through this, to get to know something that the spiritual entities did not know before. It is actually a song, one cannot distinguish where Moses sings and where the Lamb sings. Chapter 15 "And the Looking Eye...." The seriousness of the divine will of destiny is carried out through our ME. In the I of each individual human being. "And I looked, and it was like a crystal sea mingled with fire".. Fire powers are the strongest astral powers. Fire and a brazen sea existed earlier in human history. "And those who had overcome the beast..." Two lectures before, we spoke about the importance of music, music is the power that orders this astral, and which then works into the etheric, it is important for us to develop this ordering power in the soul. Our soul life would have to become a great individual symphony, which is an individual image of the cosmic symphony or the new cosmic symphony only comes into being in which my symphony sounds together with that of my fellow human being. An orchestra with billions of human ITS. Then the new soul cosmos comes into being. Then the new astral world comes into being. We are at the point of helping to create this new cosmos in the astral. The word Nothing contains I, the German language is ingenious. Where an I in freedom has led the astral into nothingness, the old forces can no longer intervene. N = The negation of the old, creating it anew in the I, and bringing it into the world as a spiritual impact. This is the word NOT. Short version of the Apocalypse of John = Not. To bring the old into nullity, to recreate it out of the I, and to give it into the world as a spiritual impact, at least into the astral world. Josef Weinheber: Austria. Poet, suicide at the end of the Second World War, the Nazis used many of these images but made the opposite out of them, worked for the Sorat impulse, a warning for us how close together the right and wrong impulses can be, the greatest atrocities of humanity have happened out of idealism, because they believe to lead out of the conviction of an idea in the right direction, they believe to know better than all the others, and so when the others don't want to, then comes the compulsion to happiness. That's when the problems start. But the other people-ITS are there too and they belong to it. Lenin, Trotsky - in the beginning there was a huge idealism. What has become of it? Mao - he too had a big idea to do something good for their country. A misguided I-impulse that does not recognise that there are other I-selves. In the true I lies the idea of feeling connected with all humanity. I bring my impulse and you bring yours! Through communion the Christ works in full power. Augustine with his Si-falor at the time of the 4th century, that is when it begins that I-impulses are possible at all (age of consciousness). In the Greco-Latin period this was only sporadic. Augustine also relied on the authority of the Church. He brought strong forces with him from earlier incarnations, which were sometimes known to the dark side. A person can accomplish an important task in life, even if he was temporarily in league with the adversaries and this task then works in the sense of development. His strict doctrine of predestination, you can see from this that he still hasn't quite understood the impulse, but he is getting started. Decartes comes to the "Cogito, ergo sum"because he knows Aristotle well. The point is, the people who are among the 144,000 are those who have also taken it upon themselves to acquaint themselves with the dark side. There will be no one among them who has never scratched the dark side and can say that he has only ever served God. They will be the first to serve the being Sorat. Every initiate, i.e. everyone who works consciously out of his I, when he recognises that he is a spiritual I in which the source of creation is alive and accessible, these are the people who were not afraid to take hold of the earth and thus necessarily come into the clutches of the adversaries, to get to know the dark sides, hence the new initiates come out of the current of Cain, are regarded as Cain's sons.

Ad: Crystal sea and fire - there was the building of Solomon's temple, temple legend, Solomon wants to have the temple built, the temple is an image for the human being, the body shells of the human being, in which the Holy of Holies is inside, in this Holy of Holies is the I AM, first the people's I, but prepare the individual single I, this Holy of Holies of the human being, the temple is an outer image for it, However, it is a very effective image, it stands in the world, you have an effect on the people who see the temple, who are allowed to enter from the outside or into the vestibule, only the chosen priests are allowed into the Holy of Holies, in the Holy of Holies stands the Ark of the Covenant with the Tablets of the Law of Moses, that is how it is described, where the commandments are recorded, but the commandments that man gives himself: Christ: "I have not come to abolish the law, but to perfect it." It is completed where a man gives himself these commandments. Through moral intuition. With the Hebrew people it was still important that the commandments were taught as a framework, if he learns to keep them, that is the pre-training for being able to give himself the law in later incarnations. That is the step from the Law of Moses to the Lamb. Until the life of the Christ on earth, the commandment was to sing the song of Moses, but now it changes to the song of the Lamb. Crystal sea mixed with fire: during the construction of this temple, one of the tasks was to cast the so-called brazen sea, it was to be a huge brazen bowl, supported by 12 figures (signs of the zodiac), in which an image of the surging sea was to be cast in ore, representing the vitality of this sea, the sea is an image for the astral forces. Is it raging, or does the calm of the sea set in? So the sea can become the mirror of the sky. So it should represent a moving sea. Solomon cannot build the temple himself. He needs a master builder. For this purpose he gets Hiram Abif. Temple legend of the Freemasons. The Masonic idea is: We have the task of rebuilding the world. Completely. From the power of the I. Much of the original thought then fell into the clutches of the adversaries. The movement begins with the building of the temple in Jerusalem. The temple is to be a pattern according to which the human being is to develop. Steiner on the Goetheanum and the forms in it. "And the building becomes human". The building works back on the human being and gives him a support to do what he is to become. The temple points into the future and prepares what is to happen today. After Christ's life on earth, the temple is practically superfluous and will soon be destroyed. It became the Herodian Temple, but that too was destroyed. The task of the temple has been fulfilled. The Goetheanum is a foretaste of the new temple. There are active forces in it, when the human being sees the building, lives and works in it, it is a support on his spiritual path. Music has become form. The sound has become form. Also in the Temple of Solomon. There are proportions in it. These are musical proportions. This has an unconscious effect on man. Hiram, the master builder, is one of the sons of Cain. He comes from the Cain line. Cain's streaming means he no longer has anything to do with inspiration coming to him from above, but he has learnt to deal with the earth out of his own strength, and to do something himself here that the gods cannot do at all. That can only be acquired on earth. And pointed in the direction of the future. Hiram had companions who helped him. There are three journeymen who would like to learn the secret word of the master from him and thereby become masters themselves, but he refuses them, he thinks they are not morally mature enough for it, Saba is connected with the number 7, the 7 levels of the soul, the harmony of the planetary system is connected with it, it is about the order of the astral world, Solomon receives her and finds interest in her, but the Queen of Saba has a special interest in Hiram to get to know these powers, i.e. the soul is no longer satisfied. That is to say, the soul is no longer satisfied with what comes from above, mediated by Solomon, but what is new, Hiram has an ability that Solomon does not have, he has won it for himself, Solomon becomes jealous that Hiram is perhaps being favoured, therefore he supports these three journeymen so that the casting of the brazen sea, that is the highest task to complete the temple, to cast this huge basin with the sea cast in the ore, he supports these three journeymen in thwarting this work. In revenge because Hiram did not promote them to masters. The casting fails. And not only that, the temple is in danger of being destroyed by the fire that arises. It is a legend, that is, an image of purely mental-spiritual events. Hiram plunges into the glowing ore because he hears a voice from the fire, Hiram descends to the depths of the earth, he meets all his ancestors along the way, all of them from the lineage of Cain, all of them artists and master builders, until he finally comes to Cain himself, he meets him in a state as he was before the murder of Abel, in perfect purity, Cain gives him the ability to prevent the worst from happening, so that the temple is not destroyed. The 3 fellows are annoyed that he was able to prevent the worst. Hiram is later murdered by the three companions.

Who is this Hiram? Who will become of this Hiram? He was ready to become an initiate by his own spiritual power. He had to wait until the Christ was incarnate to be initiated by the Christ Himself. He is the first Christian initiate through and in his I.  He is later reborn as that Lazarus who is awakened by the Christ. The resurrected Lazarus, who at his initiation comes into a close spiritual relationship with John the Baptist, who at the time of Lazarus' initiation had already died, by beheading on behalf of Herod, but which was necessary in the sense of history, not everything is avoidable, through this, John could become a kind of group soul who led the community of the 12 apostles, then only the group of three who experienced the transfiguration of Christ at Tabor (i.e. Peter, James and John) and finally united with the resurrected Lazarus. Even today, if one wants to develop one's I properly, then it is part of it that there is a very specific relationship with a very specific dead person, with whom there is a spiritual relationship, who gives impulses from the other side, which one cannot yet get from here. That is a relationship from person to person. This is the original relationship of every modern spiritual relationship between human beings, because it is not about being together with the outer physical human being in truth, nor with the ego of the human being, but it is about the relationship of I to I. This is purest in the spiritual relationship of the human being to the ego of the human being. This is purest in the spiritual world. That is where we are after death, as a preliminary stage we are in the soul world. By being in contact with a dead person, we are in a foretaste of what our higher spiritual members are, because the dead person already has other members. Then, through this connection, one is something like an already perfected human being. A human being who has developed all 7 members of his being, but only in connection with the dead person. A foretaste. Many impulses can come from this. The Christian initiation has as a condition that we come into relationship with such a person on the other side, the spiritual side of the world. The resurrected Lazarus now takes the initiatory name John because he is connected with that, John the Baptist was an initiate of the old way, that is now John the Evangelist who wrote the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse of John. The brazen sea is still somewhat related to the past, now it is about the crystal sea, that is the newly created. But that must be mixed with fire. It has to be mixed with astral forces. Because the I alone is not worth much. It gains value by learning to control the sea.

"And they sang the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb: great and admirable are your works, O Lord, divine Lord of the Universe. Your ways lead to goodness and truth, O King of all nations. Who does not stand in awe of you, O Lord. Who does not praise your being as the source of all revelation? You alone are holy. All peoples will come to worship you before your face, for now your higher orders have been clearly revealed." Where have they revealed themselves? In the human I. "After this I saw the temple opened in heaven, the tabernacle of divine self-worship. And out of the temple came forth the seven angels with the seven trials."

Quote Weinheber: Light - Not - Poem.

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